Member Protection Officer Training Course

Member Protection Officer

Training Course

21st & 22nd October 2004

The Office for Recreation and Sport, in partnership with the Equal Opportunity Commission and

the Australian Sports Commission, is conducting a comprehensive two-day training course on the

21st & 22nd October 2004. The course provides members of sporting organisations with practical

skills and an opportunity to increase their understanding of harassment and abuse in sport with

the view of taking on a Member Protection Officer (MPO) role. Joining the MPO Network provides

the opportunity to attend regular updates, access to resources, support and networking


The Member Protection Officer, is the first point of call in a club, state or national sporting

organisation for any queries, complaints or concerns around harassment and abuse in sport. The

MPO provides confidential advice, information and moral support to the person alleging

harassment. If the person is adequately trained over 90% of complaints are effectively resolved at

this level. The course will enable the participant to appropriately handle enquiries, concerns and

complaints about harassment in sport.

The course covers: what harassment is (and isn’t) its impact on individuals and organisations the

relevant state and federal laws how to give information to people so they can make informed

decisions developing active listening skills and how to take active steps to keep organisations

harassment free.

Suitable candidates for the course include:

¥ Development officer, coaching director or other salaried staff member who is not in a senior

authority or management position

¥ Volunteer committee member (not associated with selection processes)

¥ Athletes (particularly athletes who may be on an athlete’s commission/committee)

¥ Chief Executive Officer and/or president (not to take on MPO role, but to have a good

understanding of what the MPO does, and of the complaint process)

¥ Sport psychologist

It is important that whoever decides to take on the role of MPO for their sport must be:

¥ Trustworthy, honest and discreet

¥ Empathic and a good listener

¥ Approachable and easily accessible

¥ Calm and logical

Please visit the Play by The Rules website and complete the

relevant training course before attending this MPO Training course.

If you are unable to attend this course due to other daytime commitments, please indicate

your preference of an alternative time by ticking one of the options on the form below and

returning it to the Office for Recreation and Sport (PO BOX 219, Brooklyn Park, SA 5032).

This will assist in determining future course dates.

For more information, please contact Catherine Lieu 8416 6730 or Stuart Sturgess 8416 6792.

Member Protection Officer Training Course


21st & 22nd October 2004


9:00am Ð 4:00pm (both days) Lunch provided


Conference Room

Office for Recreation and Sport

27 Valetta Road

Kidman Park SA 5025


$40 for the two day course

($30 for members of the Club Development Network)

** Limited places available **

Preferences will be given to those organisations that do not currently have an MPO