CANOE MONTH – Getting people paddling!

Canoe Month Calendar is now available for download from the link below.

Those who haven’t paddled before can come to Come and Try / Test Drive Day, people who would like a bit more experience can do a Skills Course, the adventurous beginner can go on a day trip…there are lots of ways to have a go! Most activities don’t require experience and are suited to those people looking for a way of becoming involved.
The following is a description of the activities on offer during Canoe Month.
The Canoe Month booklet (available from the link below) contains all of the decriptions and the necessary registration forms for the activities.

ÒTest DriveÓ Touring Canoes & Kayaks.

The aim of this activity is to allow participants the opportunity to try a range of canoes & kayaks. A number of different boats will be on display and available for on water tests paddles. Come along and get some ideas about what equipment is available. Learn about the different designs on the market and get advice on which boat is most suited to which job. 10am-1pm, Sat 5th, West Lakes, $10.

Follow up with the Basic Skills Course on the Sunday to learn basic paddling techniques so that you can be comfortable going on a day trip yourself or with a club.

Basic Skills Course

This course is designed to cater for all ability levels, and in particular the non-paddler.  The course will be conducted by a qualified Instructor, at West Lakes. On successful completion of the course you will be awarded the Basic Skills Award. 9amÐ4pm Sun 6th, West Lakes.  Canoe Month Special price: $70, normally $90.

ÔCanoeing Is RenewingÕ  Basic Skills for Seniors

An introductory canoeing or kayaking course specifically for older adults. This course is designed to cater for all ability levels, and in particular the non-paddler. All boats, canoeing equipment, and instruction will be provided.  A nationally recognised certificate (Basic Skills Award) will be awarded to participants on successful completion. As a part of Canoe Month the course fee has been reduced for seniors from the normal $90 to $60. Limited spaces available. 9.15am-3.30pm Tues 8th. West Lakes.

Mangroves and Wrecks

Paddle around the shipwrecks and then into the mangroves for a quiet, peaceful paddle among the fish, crabs, birds, and, if they are cooperative, the dolphins. Bring a snack and a drink to have along the way.  All boats and equipment will be provided. Meet at the Garden Island Boat Ramp at 9am. Two main groups will be catered for: For Beginners Ð a shorter trip taking in the sights of the Ships Graveyard, while the Intermediate paddlers may do a little longer paddle with some exploring in the mangroves and back creeks. Meet at 9.00am, Paddling begins at 9:30am and concludes 1pm (Intermediate Ð approx 2pm). Sun 13th,  $40.

Mid-week Mangroves and Wrecks

For those tired of the humdrum of work or looking for a quieter day, come for a paddle around the shipwrecks and then into the mangroves, and maybe see the dolphins. Bring a snack and a drink to have along the way.  All boats and equipment will be provided. Meet at the Garden Island Boat Ramp at 9.30am. Paddling begins at 9:30am and concludes 1pm  Wed 16th,  $40.

ÒWomen on WaterÓ Ladies Paddle

Ladies, come and try kayaking with other ladies on a weekday morning.

This paddle is open to all skill levels. A female instructor can teach the basics of canoeing to those who require it before departing.  You will then spend the morning paddling around West Lakes. All boats and equipment will be provided.  The second session may be at a different venue dependant on weather. The trip will take about 1.5hrs. Join us for a coffee or tea afterwards. Thurs 10th or Thurs 24th, West Lakes, 10am-1pm. $30. (Option to join our Ladies Group)

Try Eskimo Rolling / Water confidence

Learn the technique of Eskimo rolling your kayak, in a safe indoor pool. Held at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre, North Adelaide (entry included).  If you are aiming to tackle surf canoeing, white water, canoe polo or sea touring, the ability to roll is essential. For those concerned about the correct technique for exiting a kayak after a capsize, a water / capsize confidence session will be run at the same time to assist those keen to try kayaking but concerned about the possibility of a capsize. The course is suitable for all skill levels Ð beginner to advanced. Please note your skill level on the registration form or call the office to discuss your requirements. Kayaks and equipment will be provided. Fri 19th or Thurs 25th, 7.30Ð9.30pm. $35.

(Pool entry included)

Information Session / Trip planning

Have you ever wondered: What to take on a canoe trip? Which canoes / kayaks are best for a trip? How to plan for a trip, where to go and what to do? This seminar will offer information about canoes and kayaks, places to paddle, info about clubs and ways of becoming involved. Lots of equipment will be on display so that you can get some ideas. Presented by experienced trip leaders, this seminar will teach you the basics about planning, packing and participating in a canoe or kayak overnight or multi-day trip. Participants also have the option of participating in a trip at a later date. (details available at the course). 7.30pm-9.30pm, Tues 15th, West Lakes. $5.

Flatwater Skills

Learn the skills of flatwater paddling. This course will teach you how to competently paddle a Canoe or kayak on flat, sheltered water. To do this course you must be at Basic Skills level or equivalent. Discount is available for participants from Basic Skills Course on 6th March.  There are both theory and practical components to this course. Some pre-course reading is required and there is homework set for completion prior to the day trips. The theory is on weather, navigation, and mapping skills and will be taught on Saturday before going on the water briefly in the afternoon. An extended paddle at Garden Island (date to be confirmed with participants) will introduce day trip skills including planning and navigation, an additional day trip (date to be confirmed with participants) will be required to complete the Flatwater Skills Award. Assessment cost is included in the price, but award registration and VET Statement of Attainment fees are an additional $40 on completion. Sat 19th Ð, West Lakes. 8:30am-5:30pm 2 other days to be confirmed with participants.

Patawolonga Paddle

Come for a leisurely paddle on the Patawolonga Lake at Glenelg. Try out some of the different recreational canoes and kayaks that are available. The activity will include basic instruction to enable participation in a group paddle for around one hour. This activity is being run in conjunction with the Adelaide Canoe Club, South AustraliaÕs largest recreational club. Bring a snack and a drink to have along the way.  All boats and equipment will be provided. Meet at Anderson Ave Glenelg at 10am. Paddling begins at 10:30am and concludes 1.30pm Sat 19th,  $30, Suitable for beginners and those with families.

The first link below contains the complete booklet including the calendar and registration forms.

The second link contains just the calendar and registration forms.
 Further information is available from the Canoe SA office on 8240 3294 or via email at