Resources for Outdoor Educators, Instructors, Guides and Leaders

Canoe South Australia's Education Technical Committee has provided the following resources for download:

Australian Canoeing Safety Guidelines

Guidelines for the safe conduct of canoeing / kayaking activities – Australian Canoeing – (178Kb – PDF)

Float Plan

Click here to download a standard float plan


Logbooks are required to contain the following information:

  • Date & time of paddling activity
  • Starting and finishing point, distance travelled
  • Group/number of participants, paddling partners
  • Craft used
  • Weather & general paddling conditions such as wind speed & direction, water state, tide or river flow

Instructors, guides, leaders & etc are required to submit a logbook as part of the re-registration process every 3 years, so keeping your logbook up-to-date is important. To construct your own logbook – open an excel file and enter the details in each column. Update soon after each paddling activity to keep it up-to-date. Different worksheets can be used for different paddling activity (eg: recreation, sea paddling, competition & etc)

Please note: Summaries such as "5 Paddles during December, various locations" are considered unvarifiable and inadmissible in courts as evidence of currenct practice and are therefore unacceptable when re-registering your award.

All Australian Canoeing members are able to use the on-line logbook available through the My Club website. Contact Canoe SA on 08 8240 3294 for assistance

A logbook template designed for people who are candidates for Flatwater Instructor is available. Click here

Template for candidates for Sea Instructor is available as a pdf download. Click here

Resources for Candidates for AC Awards and Assessors

1. Teaching Skills: Summary of factors when assessing candidates for Flatwater Instructor and other AC Awards requiring assessment of instruction technique. CLICK HERE

2. Assistance for candidates and assessors (notes on the assessment project) CLICK HERE

Sit On Top – Paddling Guide

Do you have a Sit-on-Top and looking for some more information on how to get the most out of paddling it? Canoe SA SOT Paddling Guide may just be the answer. This file includes basic stroke information as well as covering safety issues realted to this type of craft. (358Kb – PDF)

Hanmer Report

The Hanmer Report is a well recognised incident analysis and is required reading for those looking for careers in outdoor recreation. (101Kb – PDF) 

AC Downloads

A link to the Australian Canoeing Education downloads page with policies, Member Protection Bylaw, and  forms for download.

SSABSA (Yr 12 PE) Kayaking Notes

Essential Notes for students undertaking SACE Stage 2 Kayaking.

Other downloads:

Teachers and Instructors can access various resources such as Basic Skills Notes, Flatwater Skills for Schools, Foward Paddling Technique (Workshop Notes) by arrangement.
Please contact the Canoe South Australia office for more information. Phone 08 8240 3294

Registered Instructors / Trainee Instructors

An online logbook system is available through MyClub. Please contact the office if you require login details.

Teaching Skills to novice paddlers

Factors to guide Assessors, Instructors and Candidates for Assessment CLICK HERE