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Canoe Polo Schools Programme


CANOE SA conducts short introductory programmes for secondary school students
We will introduce students to:
Physical skills including:
  • balance and body co-ordination
  • hand-eye co-ordination
  • boat control – harder than you might think, these small craft (refered to as BAT – baths advanced trainers) are hard to keep in a straight line as they have no keel line and are built to turn quickly
  • paddle control – upper body flexibility as well as engaging core muscle groups
  • ball skills – throwing and catching when sitting in a kayak floating on the water is powerful way to engage your muscles and brain in co-ordinated action
Rules – International Canoe Federation rules and local variations for novices.
Game Strategy – like all ball games played in a team canoe polo is about controlling the ball and ensuring that your team has a higher score at the end of the game

What does it involve?
A school with students and teacher who are keen to learn about this fast and exciting sport
A suitable venue close to your school (pool or lake such as Mawson Lake or Patawalonga)
Canoe SA provides
– coaches and equipment for up to 15 students
– 3 on-water and 1 off-water sessions (approx 1 – 2 hours duration)
Students will learn the basic skills and rules of canoe polo. 
Cost: Each student must join Canoe SA as a student member (valid for 3 months) cost – $25.00

Canoe Polo Schools Programme Information and Application Form

Enquiries can be directed to the Canoe SA office by email to
or phone 08 8240 3294

Would you like to try Canoe Polo and train regularly?

Then the Canoe Polo Development Squad is the thing for you.

  • Each Sunday evening from 6.00pm – 8.00pm
  • 2 hours coaching and games

How much will it cost?

3 month introductory membership to Canoe SA of $25.00 (for people under 18) and $30.00 for Adults
This covers:

         insurance as part of the Australian Canoeing scheme.
























         Membership with Canoe SA and Australian Canoeing

After the 2 month introductory membership participants join a club for an additional fee of approx $60 for the year.

The sessions will be held at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre so participants will have to pay entry into the pool each week.  

What you will not pay for

The coaching sessions conducted by qualified coaches including current & past Australian team members.

Use of canoe polo equipment including polo bat, paddle, helmet, pfd and spraydeck will be at no cost.


What does a student or school do to join in?
  • Schools who have students who are interested to participate can arrange an information session by contacting Canoe SA on 8240 3294.
  • Individual students can become part of the talent identification & coaching by contacting Canoe SA – 8240 3294.
  • Where possible each school will need a teacher or parent who will act as a contact or co-ordinator to ensure interested students get information.

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2007 Canoe Polo Schools Program