River Murray Codes of Conduct


Code of Conduct for Recreational Activities along the River Murray and Lower Lakes of South Australia

      When on the Murray River taking part in recreational activities such as kayaking, horse riding and boating there are certain ÔrulesÕ to abide by. Theses rules were made in the best interest of the public to enable them to have a safe and enjoyable time whilst on holiday along the Murray and Lower Lakes of South Australia.     

     When followed, these policies help us to maintain the natural beauty and serenity of the Murray lands. There is a brochure available to the public stating the codes of conduct, which you can pick up from tourism offices across South Australia.

This includes information on:

á        Bush walking

á        Picnicking

á        Camping

á        Horse riding

á        Mountain biking

á        Four wheel driving

á        Indigenous heritage

á        Fishing

á        Canoeing

á        Trail and motor bike riding

á        Jet skiing

á        Water skiing

á        Boating and house boating

á        Swimming

Prior to going away to the Murray lands, seek permission from land owners and park rangers for use of campsites and use of land for bushwalking, fishing etc. It is vital that a park ranger is aware of you plans should anything happen.  General rules such as concerning littering, fire restrictions, noise pollution and wildlife are all key factors but it is important that you read the Code of Conduct as there are more detailed regulations that need to be abided by.

For further information please visit the web site at:


To get a copy of the codes or to get in contact with the Recreational Officer please ring on

Phone: (08) 8226 0580

Fax: (08) 8226 0584

PO Box 3165 Rundle Mall PO Adelaide SA 5000

Email: sustainablerec@mda.asn.au