Position Vacant

Adelaide Gondola and Access Canoes is looking for a person to fill a part time permanent position.  This could be on a contract or casual basis.

The applicant would need to:
    ~ be highly motivated and be able to work without supervision
    ~ be honest, reliable and well presented
    ~ have positive communication skills, with on outgoing personality
    ~ be able to liase with anyone from school students, tourists to business executives
    ~ be fit, agile and have good balance
    ~ be looking to stay in Adelaide for at least 18 months

The position would include:
    ~ kayak / canoe instruction or expedition
    ~ canoe retail, loading canoe trailers and delivery
    ~ paddling a gondola* taking bookings, serving wine

Qualifications required:
    ~ kayak instructor
    ~ senior first aid
    ~ any other aquatic, outdoor, hospitality or tourism qualification's or experience is a bonus. 
    ~ a car with a tow bar is required.

Hours are very flexible, wages are negotiable.
Oppertunity to get away for personal trips, study, camps or other work

    ~ Casual gondolier's also sought.
Candidate's interested in applying, please write or email to the address below.  Please feel free to phone if you have any questions.

Roger Carlson

2 Kathleen St                                        Phone: 08 8358 1800
Dover Gardens  SA  5048                        Fax: 08 8358 1900
roger@adelaidegondola.com.au           Mobile: 0414 243 732

* Gondola as used in Venice. The paddling of a Gondola would be taught.