Canoe Polo Summer Season 2006

Canoe Polo Summer Season  2006


The 2006 canoe polo summer season is planned to commence on Tuesday 24 January for A and C grades and on Wednesday 25 January for B grade.

The season is anticipated to be of 10 weeks duration with finals to be played on Tuesday 4 & Wednesday 5 April 2006. (dates for the season are subject to confirmation)


The season is usually played at Payneham Community Swimming Pool on OG Road, Felixstow.


Team fees for the season have not been determined by the CSA Polo Technical Committee but are likely to be in the vicinity of $360.00 for a team. The team fee is due to be paid on the second week of the season and must be paid as a total amount for the team and not as individuals.


In the past A & C grades have usually played on Tuesday night each week and B grade on Wednesday night.


The competition usually commences at 7.30pm on both Tuesday & Wednesday nights. In hot weather the swimming pool may stay open longer for patrons and games do not commence until 8.30pm. (Hot weather is defined as being the air temperature at the pool over 32 degrees at 5.00pm)

Where possible games lost due to hot weather will be made up at the end of the season.


Teams are encouraged to submit their entries early to the Competition Secretary Ð Wayne Ferguson, 8 Barraga Court, Modbury Heights, SA 5092.


Individual entries will be assigned to a team of the nominated grade. Please give your name to Wayne.


If you would like further information about the Canoe SA Polo Technical Committee 2006 Summer Season contact Canoe SA on 8240 3294.


 Entry form for the 2006 Summer Season will be avaliable shortly.