Location and Access

Location and Access

Katarapko is approximately 180 km from Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. The park is split into three sections, Lock 4 Section, Eckert Creek Section and Katarapko Section. Each section has its own entrance and it is not possible to travel between the sections without exiting the park and re-entering through the appropriate entrance.

Katarapko National Park can be accessed by road from Berri, however, the park is also accessible, by water from Loxton. For vehicle access to the Lock 4 Section follow the signs from Crawford Terrace along Draper Road in Berri (Under the Berri bridge and then past the Rodeo Ground in Berri), (Grid Reference: 605025).

Eckert Creek Section is the largest and most popular section of the park for paddlers. The area can be accessed from Lower Winkie Road off the Sturt Highway (GR: 579028).

The Katarapko Section of the park can be accessed from the Sturt Highway, via a turn off at Berri Estate Winery (GR: 583069), then follow Winkie Road South, then travel, via Plush Road to Katarapko Crescent, from which the park can be entered (GR: 511988).

As well as Loxton Recreation Park and Milich landing west of Loxton there are several vehicle access points off the Loxton-Berri road (Bookpurnong Road). From there, the water can be accessed at points such as Rilli boat ramp (GR: 615943), Lock 4 (GR:612998) and the bridge over Gurra Gurra Creek (GR: 638030), approximately 3 km south of Berri, where canoes and kayaks could be launched.

Emergency Access

Many areas along the water course are serviced by unsealed vehicular roads. These are marked on the Trails SA River Murray Canoe Guides map. Along the River Murray and Katarapko Creek there are several sites where vehicles have access to the water.