River Murray National Park – Katarapko

River Murray National Park


The Murray River National Park is managed by the Department of Environment and Heritage under the National Park and Wildlife Act 1972 to allow recreational enjoyment while protecting the cultural and natural value of the park. The Murray River National Park is divided into three sections, one of which is the Katarapko area. The Katarapko Creek section of the park consists of 8,905 hectares of floodplain, wetland and Mallee woodland on sand dunes. Seventy five percent of the park is floodplain containing many wetlands both permanent and semi permanent. The area displays great stands of the majestic River Red Gum, the hardy Black Box as well as Lignum, Coobah and Mallee.

Katarapko is a popular recreation area catering for camping, fishing, walking, and birdwatching as well as canoeing and kayaking. The park is set aside as a conservation area and thus visitors must make every effort not to degrade the natural ecosystems in the area. It is an important breeding area for many forms of life including birds. The area, with its creeks and waterways, provides an abundance of paddling opportunities. 


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