Katarapko Where and What

Where to go, and what will I see?

As mentioned in the Canoe Guide, there are many possible trips in the Katarapko region depending on the time available, the conditions and the water levels.

Loxton Caravan Park, which is a good place to begin a Katarapko trip, provides a safe place to leave vehicles.

There is easy access to the walking trails at GR: 589940 and Cragg Hut at GR: 582952 from Katarapko Creek.

Ajax Achilles Lake is an interesting side trip from the River Murray, although the entrances and exits may be hard to find among the reeds.

The Splash can be quite shallow at low river levels.


It is a difficult portage around Lock 4. Better to use the lock, which is managed by the Lockmaster. The lock is open 9:00am – 11:30am and 1:00pm – 4:30pm, sometimes later during the summer months.


Vehicles may be left at Lock 4 in the car park. The car park is locked up between 5:00pm and 9:00am.

Katarapko Island is a wild life sanctuary and its current  condition is thanks largely to Loxton High School staff and students and Katarapko Community Action Group who work in conjunction to help restore and manage the area.

There is an excellent interpretive sign just over the Berri Bridge on the Bookpurnong Road.

At high river levels, Eckert Creek will flow very quickly. This makes the bridge at GR: 605026 particularly hazardous, requiring checking from the bank. It is also recommended that this obstacle be portaged to avoid danger.

Eckert Creek as of December 2005 is choked with reeds and finding a new route can be a challenge. It requires considerable effort to manoeuvre craft through in many places. At GR: 594027 there is a willow blocking the channel, requiring careful negotiation.
It is important for paddlers to note that not all campsites are accessible from both the road and water. Remember to check your map when planning to ensure that you will be able to access your campsite.






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