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Notes compiled by Peter Carter…

The new Torrens Island and Environs map came about through the efforts of a number of people, particularly Anthea Shem (Office for Rec and Sport), Robyn Hartell (Heritage Branch of Dept for Environment and Resources), other members of the New Canoe Guides Committee, and Anthony Stephens (The Map Shop). I gave myself the job of surveying with GPS to provide fixes on key points, and made a number of expeditions into the area. (In the pic below, thatÕs the GPS unit on the mast of the sea kayak)

The area has not been mapped in detail in recent years. The 1:50 000 topographic map is lacking in detail, the 1982 DMH Small Boat Chart does not cover much of the mangrove areas (and is out of print), and other charts such as AUS 137 cover shipping channels only.

We originally intended to cover a greater area, from Bower Road to St Kilda, but decided to concentrate on the smaller area at a larger scale. The base map comes from the Fullers street directory, with mangrove and creek detail traced by Anthony Stephens from aerial photographs into the GIS. My GPS data was used to resolve some ambiguities, in fact one creek section is drawn entirely from GPS track data.

These notes are intended to supplement the text on the back of the map, which is necessarily generalised and limited.

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