Marathon Championships main info




The Australian Marathon Canoe/Kayak Championships are conducted under the regulations and guidelines contained in the ICF Marathon Racing Rules and the variations to these published by Australian Canoeing, including the AC Canoeing Competitions Bylaw and the variations contained in published event information.

It is the responsibility of the competitors to be familiar with the regulations, copies of which are available from the State Canoe Associations or by clicking the link at the bottom of this page



In accordance with the AC Canoeing Competitions Bylaw, only members of State Associations affiliated with Australian Canoeing Inc may participate. Members of clubs affiliated with a National body, which is a member of the International Canoe Federation, may participate by invitation.



The Championships will be conducted in the following categories of canoe and kayak:

              International Classes:              K1, K2, C1, C2

            Australian Touring Classes:                TK1, TK2, TC1, TC2

  The Championships will be conducted in the following age and sex categories for the above classes of canoes and kayaks,

            Open Class*                                        Men, Women, Mixed 

            Under 22                                             Men, Women, Mixed (U22 competitors will compete in Open Class and have results recorded in both clases)

            Junior (Under 18)                                Men, Women, Mixed

            Junior (Under 16)                                Men, Women, Mixed

            Junior (Under 14)                                Men, Women, Mixed

            Junior (Under 12)                                Men, Women, Mixed

            Veteran 35 and Over                          Men, Women, Mixed

            Veteran 45 and Over                          Men, Women, Mixed

            Veteran 55 and Over                          Men, Women, Mixed

            Veteran 65 and Over                          Men, Women

* competitors must be older than 15 years as of 1st Jan 2006


Ages of all competitors are to be taken as of the 1st January 2006


A constituted class shall consist of a minimum of three starters for all classes.  Medals will be as per the AC Canoeing Competitions Bylaw.


Certificates indicating participantsÕ class, place and time will be awarded to all finishers.