Smoke Free Policy

Smoke-free Policy

Canoe South Australia recognises that passive smoking is hazardous to health and that non-smokers should be protected from tobacco smoke.


This policy was approved by Canoe South Australia Board and applies to all members, administrators and officials from November 2001 onwards.  It also applies to visitors of our headquarters and offices.

 Canoe South Australia requires:

All indoor competition areas, change areas, toilet facilities, eating areas, indoor and undercover spectator areas (including tents and shades) and surrounds are smoke-free.
The conduct of all social functions (including junior events, competitions, dinners, fundraising events, meetings) to be smoke free.
Coaches, trainers, volunteers and officials to refrain from smoking while they are acting in an official capacity or in uniform.
 Competitors to refrain from smoking while in uniform.
 That the effects of smoking on performance are discussed with junior players and that smoke-free behaviour be incorporated into the code of behaviour for coaches and players.
 Non-compliance with this policy will result in action being taken by the Board of Canoe South Australia.


The Smoke-Free policy of Canoe South Australia is reviewed annually


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