Flatwater Skills Daytrip

FWS Daytrip  Information Page

The daytrip will be occurring this Sunday 9th April.

Meet at Canoe SA at 9.00am.

Remember to bring the following things with you…

– Your paddling clothes, sunscreen, hat, (includung appropriate clothing for the area / conditions.
– A complete set of DRY clothes suitably waterproofed (some drybags may be available – but would be more suitable for waterproofing the food for the trip)
– Compass (some will be available)
– Your Torrens Island Map
– Route plan – (your trip plan for the group) – an amalgamated trip plan will be decided on prior to departure
– a current forecast (newspaper, web etc) – check www.bom.gov.au
– current tidal information (also available from www.bom.gov.au )
- FOOD/WATER – suitable food and drinks for the trip (including lunch and snacks suitably waterproofed) – remember minimal impact practices for packaging etc.
– personal medications / toiletries etc as required

Additional information regarding the Torrens Island and Environs area can be found from the paddlers guide located at http://www.users.on.net/~pcarter/canoe_sa/maps/ti_notes.html

Should you require any additional information prior to the trip please contact Ian Hume on 8240 3294 and leave a message.

Inclement weather…
Decisions regarding the weather will be made on Sunday morning prior to departure from West Lakes…