Order of Australia Medal for Jim Murphy

Jim Murphy OAM

Canoe SA and Australian Canoeing Life Member Jim Murphy, recievd acknowlegement for his dedication to the sport of canoeing, being awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in the Queen's Birthday Honours List. Jim is also on the Interim Board of Directors of Australian Canoeing and is working closely with the sport to ensure a great future and sound financial recovery.

Below is a brief background on Jim and his involvement in the sport in both competition and education/recreation. 

Jim is a qualified teacher working mainly in the field of Outdoor Education and PE. Although this is his paid work, his involvement is well beyond the scope of his employment.

He has been involved in canoeing since 1976 when he gained his "proficiency award". He gained his Instructor Award in 1977. He has been responsible for involving a broad range of both youth and adults in all aspects of the sport since this time.

Jim has served on national committees since the late 1980s and was Chairman of the national Sprint Racing (Flatwater) Technical Committee from 1996 – 2003.

He has held many official roles at local and national regattas, particularly that of "starter", which he is most respected for. He held the position of "aligner" at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

A most enthusiastic volunteer within our sport, he is most often seen performing the thankless and background tasks that most people take for granted or fail to recognise even exist. He is always available and offers to help at every occasion.

Jim has been involved in the joint management of the South Australian Sports Institute Canoe /Kayak Program since its inception. He is a great supporter of the high performance program and is often found driving interstate towing trailers of kayaks for athletes to use at regattas, a task for which he gains nothing but personal satisfaction.

He was recognised in 2003 by SASI at their annual awards presentation as the "2003 SASI Volunteer of the Year" for the enormous input he has provided to the program well beyond that of any other person and most of all with little thanks.

An excellenent mediator, he is often called to sit on juries / tribunals and brings exceptional balance to these forums. He is respected amongst his peers and by all within the sport.

Jim is a great motivator and is keen to involve people in sport and outdoor recreation to achieve their personal best, whatever that may be and whatever level they strive to achieve. He enjoys seeing people gain value from their own achievements more than that of others.

Jim has a special knack working with young people in the sport and can often be found picking up / dropping off students / young people for their involvement in canoeing activities. He encourages the development and involvement in volunteering in his students and seeks to find them valuable volunteering experiences that will instill good social values.

In 2005, Jim was awarded Life Membership of Australian Canoeing becoming one of only 14 people to receive this honour.

As a great contributor to the community both in his professional capacity as a teacher and his voluntary roles within our community organisation we congratulate Jim on his award and thank him again for his outstanding contribution.

Medal of the Order of Australia - front Medal of the Order of Australia