The Sport Australia ‘Spirit of Sport Scholarship’ Entries Due 31st August

Sport Australia seeks to inspire all Australians through sport. By recognising our great sporting accomplishments and traditions, we aim to motivate young Australians to maximise lifeÕs great opportunities.

The inaugural Sport Australia ÔSpirit of Sport ScholarshipÕ is one such opportunity. To help young Australians reach the highest level of their sport, the Scholarship will provide encouragement and funding for 12 months. More importantly, Scholarship holders will enjoy unrivalled access to and mentoring from current Sport Australia Hall of Fame Members Ð surely no greater way to inspire young sports people to fulfil their potential. One of AustraliaÕs most prestigious organisations, The Sport Australia Hall of Fame represents the pinnacle of sporting achievement in Australia. The Hall acknowledges sporting greats who have gone beyond their sport to achieve cultural significance. Inductees include Sir Don Bradman, Dawn Fraser, John Eales, Rod Laver, Betty Cuthbert, Ron Barassi, Herb Elliott, Catherine Freeman, and more. All champions who represent the essence of the Hall, known as the ÔSpirit of SportÕ, after which the Scholarship is named.

12 Month Scholarships for 2006 Ð 2007 will apply from October 1 to September 30. Each Scholarship Package will consist of:

¥ Hall of Fame Member support and mentoring throughout the scholarship period

¥ A grant of $5,000 presented at The Sport Australia Hall of Fame Annual Dinner in Melbourne on Tuesday October 10, 2006

¥ Participation in development and leadership workshops

¥ An invitation to SAHOF state lunch / events

¥ A scholarship recognition certificate

Nominations on this form are open to all male and female sportspersons who are:

(a) under the age of 21 years at December 31, 2006

(b) Australian citizens

(c) participating in a sport recognised by the Australian Sports Commission

(d) high achievers with ambitions to reach the highest level in their chosen sport

(e) considered by their sport as most likely to succeed

Fill in the attached form and send it to: The Sport Australia Hall of Fame Ltd. P0 Box 104, Caulfield East Victoria 3145. For further information, phone (03) 9572 4600 fax (03) 9572 5400 or email: