Torrens Island Future New

Torrens Island – as it was and the future…
As it was…

At right is an extract of a map of the area surveyed in 1937. This portion of it is approximately the area covered by new map. The ships' graveyard (or cemetary) is visible, as is the Dorothy H Sterling. The St Kilda embankment is prominent.

Note also the track from Broad Creek to the magazine in the south east corner.

This is well before the Torrens Island power station, which was not built until the 1960s, and there are many other interesting differences. Don’t attempt to reconcile the grid on this map with the current Zone 54H metric grid.

Future plans…

We plan to reprint the map every couple of years, incorporating corrections and new features as required. As it is, some creeks are not shown in their correct colours, and the latitude and longitude scales and nautical mile scale bar are not in this version.

If you have any comments, suggestions or corrections please contact us at Canoe SA (08 8240 3294 or so that the next edition can be improved.

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