Canoe Polo Winter Season



Canoe Polo is a fast, energetic and skillful game that is played in swimming pools, combining the ball skills of basketball and water polo with kayaking skills for manoeuvrability. Each team is made up of eight players, with five playing at any one time. The rules are based on safety, allowing fast, exciting play. Everyone is welcome and its a great sport to keep warm during the winter months. Join a club team and have fun training and competing in a friendly atmosphere.

Saturday theÊ20th of May is the starting to another greatÊseason of Canoe Polo.ÊThe winter season is played over 10 weeks at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre on saturday afternoons. The spring season is played at the Aquatic Centre from August to November and the summer season is played outdoors on a weekday evening from February to April.
The competition consists of 3ÊGrades, A grade, B grade and C grade. For all new beginners you can start by playing in the C grade to develop your skills and knowledge of the game.
Canoe polo is a fun and enjoyable sport for people of all ages and abilities.ÊThe young and theÊold can play together, we especiallyÊencourage new players to come and try. No experience (or ability) isÊneeded for C grade.
Times are as below:
A Grade: 3pm till 6pm
B Grade: 12pm till 6pm
C Grade: 12pm till 3pm

If youÊare interested in playing but are not in a teamÊyou still have time to join. Players are welcome to join C grade throughout the season

Beginners, juniors and C grade players are welcome to join the Canoe Polo Development Squad which trains Sunday nights, 6.00pm – 8.00pm at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. There is no cost for members.


If you are interested in having a go at Canoe Polo you can payÊa 2 month Introductory Membership with Canoe SA which costs $15

Team Fees are usually around $50 – $60 per player
All equipment and Sunday training is provided byÊCanoe SA with no fee.

For more information
Please feel free to contactÊSiobhan Goble atÊthe Canoe SA office if you have any questions regarding Canoe Polo.

Phone:Ê(08) 8240 3294