Trip Planning – Part 1 & 2

Trip Planning – Part 1 & 2
Part 1
Dates: Aug 7, Sept 11
Venue: Canoe SA, Aquatics Reserve
This evening session is a must for paddlers wishing to have a camping adventure by canoe or kayak. The session includes everything you will need to know when planning your expedition. Topics include how to plan your trip, choosing the right equipment, packing your canoe or kayak, information on excellent trips in SA, and much more.

Part 2

Dates: Aug 19, Sept 16
Venue: Canoe SA/ Garden Island, Outer Harbour
To enroll in this course participants must have attended the Trip Planning part 1 session. Participants meet at Canoe SA where they pack for paddling Day trip to Garden Island. Participants put into practise what was taught at the trip planning evening session.