Indigenous Youth Program Gallery

Welcome to the Indigenous Youth Program Gallery

Seven students from Parafield High School participated in the Indigenous Youth Program. They undertook 2 days of training before heading off to the Katarapko Creek for a two day kayaking adventure. Here are some photos of the journey they had.

Just arrived at Katarapko,                Students setting up camp              Students testing their newly
unloading the trailer                         after a day of paddling                          developed skills 


Students having a relaxing              About to begin training at          Getting taught how to                           
paddle in the creek                        West Lakes                                  cook food over camp fire

Playing games with Derek               Students paddling in the                  Practising how to capsize…  
Stevens                                              Katarapko Creek    


Putting their skills into                     Rafting boats together                 Preparing food for the team
practise                                               on West Lakes