Katarapko Suggested Routes

Suggested Routes
These trips provide the opportunity to explore the area on foot as well as by kayak or canoe.  The suggested routes outlined below refer to the River Murray Canoe Guide – Katarapko.  Please go to Canoe Guide Retailers for a listing of where these maps can be purchased.

Due to works being undertaken along the Katarapko Creek, some conditions have been changed temporarily. Find more information on the Canoe Adventures website: https://www.canoeadventure.com.au/katarapko-creek-access-update-2019/

Gurra Gurra Creek (2hrs)

Gurra Gurra Creek – not marked as such on the map (638028) is a wonderful area to explore and is maze-like, providing opportunities to see an abundance of birdlife. The area can be accessed in two ways.

Option 1 – Causeway on Bookpurnong Rd (Loxton-Berri Rd)

Launch from the southern causeway at Gurra Gurra Creek (638028) and paddle to the west towards the Murray River. The area provides lots of opportunity for exploration and you can paddle right through to the Murray River (2km from the causeway). Backtrack along Gurra Gurra Creek to the causeway to finish.

Option 2- Booky Cliffs Camping Area

Launch from the Booky Cliffs camping area (629018) – access via park entrance Lock 4 section.  Follow the signs from Berri – under the bridge –. Paddle upstream (300m) on the Murray River to the entrance of Gurra Gurra Creek (632022). It is easy to find the entrance as there is a sign mounted on a river red gum which claims that the inlet is to Salt Creek. Explore the area between the entrance and the Causeway (marked on the map – 638028). Return to Booky Cliffs by backtracking along the same route.

There is also the option for a drop off at Booky Cliffs and pick up at the Causeway (or vice-versa) depending on transport. This one-way trip provides a nice alternative to an “out and back” trip .

Ajax Achilles Lake (2-3hrs)

Ajax Achilles Lake is also maze-like, providing the opportunity to explore the various bays and see an abundance of birdlife. Launch from Booky Cliffs camping area (629018) and paddle downstream on the Murray River 1.2km. The entrance to Ajax Achilles Lake is on the southern side of the river just after the end of the cliffs. Explore the lake paddling south towards Lock 4. At the southern intersection of Ajax Achilles and the Murray, choose to return through Ajax Achilles or via the Murray. Allow 2-3hrs or a little more if returning on the main river. An interpretive walk is also available on the main river, the Ngak Indau walk. Allow a full day if undertaking this walk along with the paddling trip.


Katarapko Creek (4-5hrs or overnight) (access via park entrance – Katarapko Crescent via Winkie Rd from Sturt Highway)

From campsite 2 (Katarapko Section – 578978), which is also at the intersection of The Splash and Katarapko Creek, paddle downstream to campsite 30. The creek is calm and winding with minimal flows. Along the way you can choose to take a walk along the Cragg’s Hut Historical Walk (3.5KM), which is accessible from the car park above the boat ramp (582953) between campsites 17 and 18. This walk takes visitors through flood plains and past several histroical sites. An interpretive trail, the Kai Kai Nature Walk, is also available from the parking area near campsite 20. Toilets are located about 100m from campsites 7/8 and 28. Campsite 30 is secluded and is the last before the banks steepen. Paddlers can also explore Katarapko Island where birds and kangaroos are plentiful. Return to campsite 2 (launch point back along Katarapko Creek). This trip can be shortened by turning around earlier or could be a nice overnight return trip.


Katarapko Creek (Campsite 28) from Milich Landing (access from Loxton-Moorook Rd)(4-5hrs or overnight)

Launch from Milich Landing, near the entrance to Katarapko Creek (B), on the Murray River. Paddle 300m upstream, cross the Murray and enter Katarapko Creek. Paddle upstream in Katarapko Creek to campsite 28. Return along the same route. Approximately 14km return, if camping overnight 28-30 and 35 are nice campsites.


Katarapko – Lock 4 to Loxton – 2 days / 1 night

Lock 4 (612998) is accessible via Bookpurnong Road from either Berri (8.5km) or Loxton (16km).

Vehicles may be left at the Lock 4 car park subject to prior arrangement with the lockmaster  (Phone 08 8582 1388).

Day 1

Enter the water on the upstream side of the lock (arrange this with the lockmaster). Pass through the lock and paddle downstream on the Murray River for 3km to the entrance of Katarapko Creek (G). Around 300m along Katarapko Creek you must portage (carry around) the rock weir. The portage point is on the right hand (northern) side of the weir and is quite steep on both sides. You may need to unpack the boat and repack it again on the other side. Beware that the slopes can be slippery at times.

Re-enter the creek below the weir and paddle approx 2.2km to the intersection of Katarapko Creek and The Splash (D). Continue along Katarapko Creek another 7km south to (C) and select a campsite for an overnight stay.

Day 2

From your overnight campsite, continue south along Katarapko Creek. The creek joins the Murray River again at point (B) another 6.4km to the south. Once at the mouth turn left (south east) and paddle 5.9km to Loxton Caravan Park. The park is located just before Loxton itself and makes a good staging point with showers and campsites available. Vehicles may also be left at the caravan park with prior arrangement.

An alternative is to paddle from Loxton Caravan Park to Lock 4. Taxis can be arranged for collection of vehicles from Loxton or Lock 4. Loxton Taxis – 08 8584 5400 OR 0418 839 289.

Good camping is available all along Katarapko Creek at the numbered campsites, which are all located on the western side of the creek.

Campers in the park must be self-sufficient. There is no fresh water in the park, you must carry enough for the trip.

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