Long Point to Mundoo Channel Kayak Safety

Kayak Safety

The craft

  • Is your kayak designed and suitable for the anticipated conditions you will paddle in? Check the craft for hand loops or toggles at both bow and stern, and for fixed buoyancy.

The Paddler

  • Wear an approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) of Type 2 or 3. It is to be worn at all times on the water (the on-the-spot fine is $160: Section 132, Harbors & Nav Regs 1994)
  • Be at ease with water and swimming
  • Be honest with your ability
  • Waters of rivers, lakes and oceans have different characteristics: get to know the water in gradually more challenging circumstances
  • Be aware of cold water and weather extremes
  • Be suitably equipped for the conditions Ñ heat, cold, wind, rain Ñ that could occur
  • Secure your glasses, have appropriate footwear, allow for protection against the sun, wind and rain. Wear a broad brimmed hat, light long sleeved clothing for sun protection and/or warmth
  • Be prepared for emergency: acquire skills in capsize situations, rescue work and in first aid
  • Always carry your minimal kit: personal first aid, sunscreen, water, spare clothing and energy food
  • Waterproof your belongings and secure them in your craft.


  • Place items in a strong plastic bag with no holes, twist the opening, gooseneck it and tie with a rubber band or twine. Place it in a protective bag, so that holes are not worn by rubbing against objects in the boat. Waterproof bags in a range of sizes are available through camping and outdoor shops.

Spray covers

  • Use only if you have practiced exiting with one while under supervision. Always check that the pull tag (the cover release) is in position.

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