long point to mundoo channel suggested routes

Suggested Routes
The routes outlined below are suggestions only. Use this information to plan a trip to suit your needs. Distances achievable will depend on weather and the stamina of the paddlers. 

This section of the Coorong offers ideal paddling all year round, although the local weather pattern can change quickly. Be prepared for all types of weather, particularly wind, which tends to be strongest in spring. The main channel is navigable, but outside the channel the water level may be low. Obstacles, which can be avoided by paddling the main channel, are limestone reefs (particularly in Mundoo Channel) and sand bars. You may need to walk through shallows, and perhaps portage some areas. 

A linear day trip can be planned in this section, with car shuttles. Round trips incorporating Holmes Creek/Mundoo Channel, Boundary Creek and the Mud Islands/Reedy Island area provide access to the Coorong channel, and are popular with canoeists. The barrage in Mundoo Channel must be portaged, but there is a hand operated lock on the western end of Tauwitchere Barrage. The islands between the barrage road and Clayton are privately owned (as indicated on the map by the red hatch), reedy and subject to inundation. The creeks can provide shelter in extreme conditions. 

The northern entrance to Boundary Creek can be obscured by reeds. There is an unlit navigation marker near the entrance. 

The area south of Long Island can be very shallow and reedy. The channel between Long and Ewe Islands may be hard to find. (Estick, Boggy and Hunters Creeks, are inaccessible due to reed growth.)

Avoid the open waters of Lake Alexandrina, as unpredictable changes in the weather can lead to large waves when winds pick up. 

Parking is available at Long Point, Clayton and the Mundoo Creek boat ramp. There is a campground at Long Point and a caravan park at Clayton. 

Overnight camping is permitted on Younghusband Peninsula, where minimal impact camping principles apply. There are designated campsites (with toilets) at Barkers Knoll, Godfreys Landing and Long Point. Mark Point on the eastern side has no toilet. There are self-registration stations for camping permits at these campsites. Another camping area with no facilities, and popular with canoeists, is Lousy Jacks, easily recognised from a distance by the tall Tuart gums. 

At GodfreyÕs Landing there is an excellent interpretive walking track to the ocean beach. 

The Coorong is salt water, so you will need to bring and carry your own water supplies.

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