Salt Creek to Parnka Point Planning Considerations

Planning Considerations
Route planning



  • The paddling experience of your group
  • The time you have available
  • The suitability of your equipment for the conditions
  • The camping facilities and equipment you have access to
  • The time of the year
  • The water level of the lagoons
  • Emergency contacts and emergency access
  • Paddling speed: on smooth waters allow for a speed of 4 km/h for adults, less for young or inexperienced canoeists.


Other points


  • Remember you need to bring and carry your own water on all paddling journeys. Water is not available in this region.
  • Reefs of calcrete (a sandstone formed with calcium carbonate as the cement, and very sharp), and sandbars extend from a number of features.
  • Observe the prolific birdlife from a distance.
  • There is a mobile phone tower at Salt Creek.

If you are planning an overnight paddling trip you need to complete a Trip Intention Form, available from Department for Environment and Heritage offices and Web sites, and forward it to the Department for Environment and Heritage office at Meningie before departure. Up-to-date knowledge can also be sought from this agency, (08) 8575 1200. An alternative is the Float Plan available from the Canoe SA Web site.

Inexperienced canoeists should always have an experienced tour leader as their guide. Alternatively, canoe instruction is available from Canoe SA and its affiliated bodies.

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