Winners for the OEASA Annual Awards Night

 - OEASA Annual Awards Night –

The OEASA (Outdoor Education Association of South Australia) annual awards night was held on 29th June 2007, this night was to recognise and celebrate those who have continuely contributed their efforts towards canoeing.

The awards go to the people/organisations who have made significant contributions to canoeing. The three awards are Service to Outdoor Education Award, Contribution to Outdoor Recreation by an individual/s and Contribution by an organisation:

Jim Murphy was the inaugural to have received the Service to Outdoor Education award last year and continuely gives his time and efforts to canoeing, it's great to see the award to go another worthy receipient.

Service to Outdoor Education Award
– Awarded to Anthea Shem

This year was the first year that RecSA has given the following awards:

Contribution to Outdoor Recreation by an individual/s
– Awarded to David Mallet & Margaret Stuart

Contribution by an organisation – Awarded to Westminster College, accepted by Gordon Begg on behalf of the school

Click on the link below to find out about information about each awardee. 
Service to Outdoor Education Award Anthea Shem
Contribution by an organisation – Westminster College

to the very deserving winners on dedicating their time and effort to canoeing.