Canoe Month – March 2008

Canoe Month  

Canoe Month is back in 2008 with a great range of new activities available in and around the metropolitan area.


Activities are available for everyone, with a wide range of options for people of all skill levels. Start with a ÔTest DriveÕ of a wide range of kayaks and canoes, then try a basic skills sessions or sea kayaking day, you can tour the Port River wrecks and mangroves or come to an introduction to surf kayaking, there is something available for everyone.

As most of the activities are suited to those with little or no canoeing experience this is an ideal opportunity to give canoeing a try.


South Australia is an ideal environment for recreational canoeing, particularly sea kayaking and inland touring. Competition is also alive here in the disciplines of sprint racing and canoe polo.


Canoe South AustraliaÕs Canoe Month is supported by the Office for Recreation & Sport.

Where is Aquatic Reserve, West Lakes?

What to wear and bring with you?

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Kids Holiday Paddle Program 4 Kids – 16th, 17th, 18th April
Paddle Workshop - 19th April 
Paddle Program 4 Kids - 22nd April

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REGISTER for events via the Canoe SA office.  

Prices for all activities are valid for 2008. Includes all equipment, instruction by qualified Australian Canoeing instructors, course material (for specified activities) and event insurance.
If you are already a member of a canoe club there is a $10.00 fee reduction.


Canoe South Australia Inc.

Aquatic Reserve, Bower Road, West Lakes SA 5021

PO Box 281, Port Adelaide 5015 ¬Telephone: (08) 8240 3294

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