2007 Event Report and Final Scores

2007 Event Report and Final Scores 
The 2007 Canoe SA Team Paddle Challenge was run over the last weekend in October, attracting over 180 participants from schools, Scout groups and special needs organisations around the state. Arriving late Friday night, participants awoke early on Saturday the 27th to prepare for scrutineering and a late morning start. All teams were ready for action and took to the course with great enthusiasm as they paddled to find as many of the 78 markers as they could in two days.

Paddling into strong, blustering headwinds within the first hour tested the resolve of many but they paddled on regardless in search of their prize. Several teams quickly made their way as far as the first nights camp at Roonka Scout Camp and proceeded on, to find more checkpoints at the northern end of the course. Despite the weather, all teams made it safely to camp and enjoyed an evening under the stars.

Sunday saw a good start with several teams continuing up the course in search of more markers. With following or cross winds, paddling, particullarly in more sheltered waters was much more enjoyable and teams made their way back to Blanchetown by early afternoon.

Scores were quickly tallied as teams returned and packed their equipment ready for departure. They then waited as the results were announced… in third place with 1875 points, St. Michaels 108, with 2025 points, St. Michaels 109 and in first place, with a total of 2180 points, Christies Beach High School team 102.

It was a great weekend and went off without a hitch. A Special congratulations goes to all students who participated, they can be very proud of the effort they put in over the two day event. Thanks also goes to the teachers and parents who participated as supervisors on the water. I would also like to thank the many Canoe SA volunteers for their tireless efforts in the lead up and during the event, especially the course planners Jim Murphy and Derek Stevens. A very special thanks also goes to St Johns First Aid crew Tamara and Gail for ensuring the safety of all participants and to the Scouts Communication Team who set up and managed the safety network over the weekend. We hope to see you all again on the water for the next Canoe SA Team Paddle Challenge to be held in Oct (25th – 26th) 2008.

For any information concerning the Team Paddle Challenge or information on the 2008 event please contact Siobhan or John at Canoe SA on 8240 3294.

Final Scores