Eskimo Rolling Education and Training

Eskimo Rolling
Education and Training Sessions

Dates for learn to Roll sessions are yet to be set for June to Dec 2009, as soon as dates are available they will be notified through this portal

Please note that sessions will go ahead pending sufficient numbers. If a session time is changed, all enrolled persons will be notified via phone or email.

On-water sessions start at 7:30pm and finish at 9:00pm. For paddlers in the ‘Introduction’ category, the group will meet at 7:00pm at the Northern end of the lap swimming pool.


All rolling sessions take place at the Adelaide Aquatic Centre. We use three lanes in the North-Western Corner of the lap swimming pool.

Which Group Do I Want?
First Session: $30.00
For paddlers who are new to Eskimo rolling, this is a great place to start. The session begins 30 minutes earlier than the on-pool session with a dry-land demonstration and explanation of rolling terms and techniques. All participants will receive one on one time with an instructor.

Intermediate: $20.00
Paddlers who have already participated in a rolling course, or, who are already familiar with the basic principles of rolling (ie. hip flicks, body movement, paddle placement) will be well suited to the ‘Intermediate’ category. They will be welcome to come along at 7:00pm and spend time on the pool working on their roll. They will be supervised by an instructor and given feedback on their technique. It is not a requirement that paddlers are able to Eskimo roll to enrol in this category.

High Roller: $10.00
The High Roller category is for paddlers who are familiar with rolling and would simply like to work on their existing skills. They are welcome to come and go when they please and will be assigned a section of the pool in which they can work. It will be assumed that paddlers fitting the ‘High Roller’ category will not need direct supervision for the session, however, they will receive some feedback on their rolling technique.

Note: All enrolled participants will have a boat and paddling equipment provided. If you would like to bring a craft of your own please check this with Canoe SA as some kayaks may not be compatible with the facility.

Canoe SA Membership: $15.00
Canoe SA requires that all participants have current membership with Canoe South Australia. An Introductory Membership will remain valid for 2 months from the date of purchase and covers the insurance needs of the holder whilst participating in Canoe SA activities.

Note: If you already have current membership with Canoe SA, please inform the office at the time of booking. If you would like to purchase full membership please contact the office for more information.


For further information and details about sessions, please contact the Canoe SA office on…

Ph. (08) 8240 3294- Fax. (08) 8240 3295                                       Email.
PO Box 281

Port Adelaide

South Australia 5015