Port Pirie for Masters Canoe Polo


Pura Light Start Port Pirie Masters Games and the friendly people of Port Pirie again hosted South Australian State Master’s  canoe polo in April 2012. The normally placid waters of Port Pirie Community Swimming Pool were turned into a white-water frenzy. This social competition was a highlight with many laughs both on the water and off. Again the winged messenger of the North is floating on the waters of Port Pirie?  A cry was heard across the water "I’ve got Hermes" (or words to that effect)


Camping at Bill’s farm nestled in the Southern Flinders Ranges (near the Barooka Reservoir) is also one of the delicious treats of this trip. Only 20 minutes from the sunny City of Port Pirie the players gather in the late Saturday sun for a chat and drink, re-living the heroic exploits of the day. Some people are known to have applied medicinal alcohol to sooth aching muscles around the open log fire that serves as source of warmth in the cold night air.


Bill & Kaye again turned on a treat with a sumptuous barbie with all the trimmings during the evening


The sunrise greets these old warriors with breakfeast of cereal, pancakes, bacon and eggs and fruit helping to fuel their engines for the fight to stand on the podium with the gold medal hung round their neck (and your adoring fans cheering from the sidelines).


Photos on this page are 2010 Port Pirie Masters Games thanks to Bruce Enting


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