Sea Weekend

Sea Weekend – Friday 17th to Sunday 19th October 2014

Numbers may need to be limited due to the demand for the Sea Weekend. Please register early. Total participant number are dependent on sufficient qualified instructors being available

Canoe SA Education invites you to a weekend bringing together sea kayakers at all levels to learn about the sea environment, broaden your knowledge, improve your skills, share your experiences and passion for the coastal and ocean environment. Should you be just beginning in kayaking on the sea or an experienced paddler there will be challenging and rewarding experiences for all. This is an opportunity to meet other sea kayakers, build a community of sea-paddlers and learn from the best sea kayakers in South Australia. Click here for the aims of the Sea Weekend.

The sea weekend provides opportunity for all levels of sea kayakers from the complete beginner to advanced sea skills level. If you have an interest in sea kayaking the programme will cater for you and will give you an opportunity to extend your skills. The programme is designed to be flexible and the experienced leadership team are there to assist in achieving your learning goals.

The programme can also allow focus on the Australian Canoeing sea kayaking skill and leadership awards. Where you are working towards a defined AC award (Sea Skills. Advanced Sea Skills) achieve your goals & get something out of the weekend, There will be opportunity for assessment for those that meet the requirement for an award and a mechanism to assist those that are working towards an award to understand clearly what they need to do to reach the assessment standard.

CLICK HERE for a registration form for the Sea Weekend

Earlybird Registration (& payment) –  A discount will apply for all early-bird registrations that are received and paid by Friday 12th September – Cost = $200.00

Sea Weekend cost: $220.00 (single day options also available – see below)

Please Note:

1. Each attendee is required to have a sea kayak for the Sea Weekend. By prior arrangement suitable craft can be hired and transported to Victor Harbor
2. The conduct of the Sea Weekend and the location of a session may be weather dependent.
3. Assessment for an award is to occur under conditions defined by the award requirements. Where conditions do not meet the requirements set out in the award the assessment may be postponed.
4. Where you wear prescription glasses it is our recommendation that you ensure they are secured when you are paddling
5. All attendees must be a member of an Australian Canoeing affiliated canoe club (If you are not a member you may join either as an event member or as an introductory member and pay the appropriate fee)

Please contact Canoe SA on 8240 3294 or 0417 081 426 for information.

Friday 26th September – Sea Weekend Planning Meeting, 7.30 – 9.00pm

Introduction to key personnel, outline of programme, briefing on arrangements for the weekend and logistics.

Paddlers who want to be assessed for an award should bring their log book and any other documentation required

Meeting at Canoe SA, Aquatic Reserve, Cnr Bower & Old Port Rd, West Lakes, SA. (entrance off Bower Rd)

Friday 17th October – Introductory Session

Meet at Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park – 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Evening session: Sessions in navigation, tides and weather interpretation. Information, discussion and questions as well as time to talk to friends old and new. Practical forum for fitting-out a sea kayak for expeditioning. Presentations on trips. Instructional videos.

Saturday 18th October – Sea Kayaking Skills (introductory to advanced skills groups)

Practical:              8.00am – 4.30pm
Meet at C M Thorpe Park, Encounter Lakes, Victor Harbour (CM Thorpe Park is on the corner Matthew Flinders Drive and Bartel Blvd)
Morning Session – Join a workshop group at Encounter Lakes (depending on level of proficiency)
Afternoon session will be held on the beachfront with skills groups lead by experienced instructors. Rescue management, towing, rolling and self-rescue,  practical weather interpretation and more. There will be opportunity to extend your skills.
Evening Session:   7.00pm – (approx) 9.00pm
Theory Presentations: Trainees will present short workshops on relevant sea skills topics

Sunday 19th October  – Expedition Management (introductory to advanced groups)

Practical:          8.30am – 3.00pm

Meeting place – Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park, Victor Harbor

One day expedition, location will be dependent on  predicted weather & skill levels of participants. Participants will undertake a minor expedition including preparation, route planning, navigation, tides, weather and group management. Depending on experience and proficiency the group will be divided into appropriate skills levels. Different skill level expeditions may be at different locations in the local area.

Evening Session: 7.00 – 9.00pm (approx)

Continuation of presentations, information and time for discussion.

Sea Weekend registration form will be available soon

Kayaks will be available for hire should you require. Cost: $25.00 per day. Please notify Canoe SA of your requirement

The weekend course will be based at Victor Harbour Beachfront Holiday Park and you are invited to stay. Bring your tent or swag. Cost $TBA per person per night
Camping arrangements will be discussed at the meeting on Friday 26/09/2014
For other accommodation arrangements (including cabins and caravans) please contact the Victor Harbor Beachfront Holiday Park directly on: 08 8552 111 or Free call on 1800 620 100 (Address – 114 Victoria Street, Victor Harbor)
Bring your own food if you plan to cook.
Breakfasts: pack your favourite cerial
Saturday Lunch: Cafe opposite the Reserve provides hot and cold snack/meal options and drinks
Saturday Tea: If you prefer not to cook there are many restaurants and hotels in Victor Harbor where you can go for evening meals or get take-away
Sunday Lunch: Bring food to pack in your kayak on the one day expedition. (groups may not be close to shops)
Snacks and drinks for during the day and evening sessions.
What to bring:
CLICK HERE to go to the Sea Kayak Equipment list
Current weather forecast and tides information (all participants are required to bring a copy of the forecast)
Clothes for paddling in (include a wetsuit if it is forecast to be cold)
Warm changes of clothes
Any equipment you wish to use or would like checked
Pen & paper
Chair for evening sessions
Camping & sleeping gear
Toiletries & torch
Food and drink (see above)
Your log book (if you are being assessed for an Aust Canoeing Award)
If you are not able to attend for the full 2 day workshop but still want to increase your sea paddling competence, skills or knowledge, the weekend also provides one day learning opportunities

Introductory Skills for Sea Kayaking – Sat 18th October

New to paddling, choose this one day module.

Pre-requisite Basic Skills certificate (or have attained an equivalent level of proficiency)

Start exploring paddling at sea. Development of skills for paddling in unprotected waters in moderate conditions is the focus for the day. Participants will be provided with an introduction to: sea kayaking safety,equipment, expedition planning ,paddling efficiently, navigation, weather, tides, water confidence and rescues (including self-rescue).

Seakayak Skills – Sat 18th October

Want to further your paddling skills, this one day module for paddlers can stretch your abilities.

Prerequisite – Introductory Skills for Sea Kayaking (or have attained an equivalent level of proficiency)

Instruction concentrates on increasing the skills of participants to to sea skills level: sea paddling skills, rolling, weather interpretation, navigation for the sea paddler as well as increased depth of knowledge of sea kayaking equipment. Evening programme includes sea skills units on navigation, weather interpretation and tides.

Expedition Management – Sun 19th October

A one day module for those that are have completed an introduction to sea skills module or have equivalent competence, and wish to further their paddling ability and skills, knoweldge and competence.

Participants will have completed the Introduction to Sea Kayaking in moderate conditions,

Development of practical navigation skills, rescue in unprotected waters including rolling, weather interpretation as well as increasing depth of knowledge of safety and the use of sea kayaking equipment, planing and expedition or group management . Depending on skills and experience, participants may be eligible to obtain the Australian Canoeing Sea Skills Award.

Due to the wide variety of protected and unprotected waters available close to Victor Harbor on the South Coast all ability levels will be able to be catered to. Groups will paddle in conditions that suit their ability level.


In addition to the above modules the Sea Weekend will provide opportunity for paddlers to be assessed for Australian Canoeing Awards



Sea Skills Assessment

Experienced sea paddlers may be  assessed for their competence to safely manage a boat in moderate conditions at sea as part of a group, with assessment focusing on personal planning and preparation, demonstration of skills including rescues, eskimo rolling, towing, paddling skills in the surf zone, navigation at sea, weather interpretation and minimal impact practices.

Times to be arranged – please inform the Instructors at the Sea Weekend Meeting on Friday 26th September


 Sea Instructor Induction

A program for experienced sea kayakers who wish to instruct novices and manage expeditions at sea. Usually participants have completed the Australian Canoeing ‘Sea Skills Award’ prior to commencement, but this can be assessed concurrently with the induction. Participants will receive instruction in leadership, group management, risk management, expedition leadership, logistics, planning and teaching kayaking skills in unprotected waters environment.

Please Note: All participants in the Sea Instructor Induction are required to attend a planning meeting on Friday 26th September commencing at 7.30pm to be held at Canoe SA, Aquatic Reserve, Corner of Old Port & Bower Rd, WEST LAKES

 Sea Instructor Assessment – 

A comprehensive program for trainee instructors that have completed training and have the experience required for assessment. Following successful submission of a log book (10 days prior to the weekend), participants will be assessed on planning, group management, risk management, use of communications equipment, navigation, instructional skills, weather interpretation, minimal impact camping practices, guiding skills, equipment use and knowledge, sea kayaking skills and knowledge. Candidates will be required to complete the requirements for the award which include a theory assignment in addition to practical assessment. Contact Canoe SA on 08 8240 3294 for a copy of the assessment project which is to be submitted to the assigned assessor 7 – 10 days prior to the Sea Weekend.

Note: Additional cost of $140 for registration as a sea kayak instructor.

All participants for Instructor Induction or Assessment are required to attend a planning meeting on Friday 26th  September at 7.30pm at Canoe SA.

Advanced Sea Skills

A practical program assessing paddling ability in advanced sea conditions. A pre-requisite is the Sea Skills Award and submission of a log book of experiences required. Times to be arranged. Please speak to Instructors at the Sea Weekend Meeting on Friday 26th September about assessment.

Note: Some awards may be assessed concurently


Enrolment form for Sea Weekend available Click here

Start your skills training – Introductory Skills for Sea Kayaking Click here 

IMPORTANT PLEASE NOTE: It is a requirement  that all participating in the Sea Weekend are members of Canoe SA. Persons who are not a member of Canoe SA should either join a canoe club affiliated with Australian Canoeing or complete a Introductory Membership form CLICK HERE  The cost of an Introductory Membership is $30.00. An Introductory membership allows participation in Canoe SA courses and club events for a period of 3 months.

 Enrolment forms and payment are to be forwarded to Canoe SA

Canoe SA
PO Box 281
Port Adelaide SA 5015
Telephone 08 8240 3294
Fax 08 8240 3295

Payment may be by EFT or cheque.

Canoe SA prefered method of payment is by EFT.

EFT – Please make your EFT payment to: A/c name – Canoe SA, BSB – 805005, A/c – 5159434 (Please put your name in the reference box)