Flatwater Racing Technical Committee – Purpose and Role

Flatwater Racing (draft for discussion)


Purpose and Role of the Flatwater Racing (Sprint & Marathon) Technical Committee


  1. Plan, co-ordinate and conduct competitions for Sprint and Marathon in South Australia including, where practicable, an annual state Sprint and Marathon titles.


  1. Where requested assist affiliated canoe clubs to ensure an adequate Flatwater racing programme 


  1. Compile an annual Flat-water Racing calendar for South Australia and have the races on the Canoe SA website. In particular resolve any dispute over clashes of dates between club events.


  1. Co-ordinate and conduct training for Flatwater Racing officials (including coaches, judges, competition officials, & etc)


  1. Provide for the development of the sport and opportunities at all levels for  SA Flat-water racing paddlers.


  1. Develop links with other states


  1. Have input into Australian Canoeing Sprint and Australian Canoeing Marathon Tech Committees and nominate a delegate to each of these Technical Committees


  1. Bid for National Sprint or Marathon titles to be in SA as appropriate


  1. Promote Flat-water Racing as a sport in SA


  1. Co-ordinate with the other discipline committees to ensure a co-ordinated programme for the paddling disciplines in SA


  1. Present a budget to the Canoe SA Board and manage funds for Flatwater Racing


  1. Assist in the development of an Operational Plan for canoe SA and its implementation


  1. Assist the Board and its officers with lobbying of government, industry or Australian Canoeing in relation to relevant Flatwater Racing issues


  1. Provide technical advice regarding Flatwater Racing to the Canoe SA Board of Directors and to its employees and officers


  1. Assist Canoe SA officers with policy development pertaining to Sprint and Marathon Racing in South Australia