Paracanoe – go fast on water

The next Paracanoe Talent Search will be held on Sunday 13th October 2013 between 9.30am and 11.30am at Aquatic Reserve at West Lakes – Please register (phone 08 8240 3294)

You can taste the sweet taste of success because you have put in the hard yards.

If you have the drive to be the best you can be – Canoe SA can help you achieve your goals.

Paracanoe Classifications:

Legs, trunks and arms (LTA) – paddlers with a disability that have functional use of their legs, trunks and arms for paddling and can apply force to the footboard or seat to propel the boat

Trunks and arms (TA) – paddlers who have functional use of the trunk and arms – unable to applu continuous and controlled force to the footboard or seat to propell the boat due to significantly weakened function of the lower limbs

Arms only (A) – For paddlers who have no trunk function (ie: shoulder function only) An A class paddler is able to apply force predominantly using the arms and/or shoulders.


Give yourself the opportunity to be the best – use your abilities to paddle your way to Rio for 2016

Paracanoe is a partnership between SA Paralympic Committee and Canoe SA

PARA-PADDLING – Recreational paddling for people with all abilities