Para-Canoe Talent Search

Canoe Sprint in the Paralympics

The  Paralympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 will introduce the sport of Canoe Sprint.  What an opportunity for para-paddlers to achieve their best on the world stage!

Canoe SA in partnership with the Australian Paralympic Committee and Wheelchair Sports SA are conducting a Para-canoe Talent Search on Sunday 19th February 2012 from 10.00am to 12.30pm, finishing with a free bbq.  For more information or to Register your interest please contact Canoe SA on (08) 8240 3294 or email –

Listed below are the Paralympic classifications:

3  Classifications are recognised for Paracanoe at the Paralympics

LTA (IVF 5 & 6 Point Paddler)

The LTA class is for paddlers with a disability who have functional use of their legs, trunk and arms for paddling, and who can apply force to the foot board or the seat to propel the boat. Eligible LTA paddlers may typically have a minimum disability equivalent to one of the following:

• Amputee

• Neurological Impairment equivalent to incomplete lesion at S1

• Cerebral Palsy Class 8 (CPISRA)

LTA paddlers must meet minimum disability requirements:

LTA – The minimum physical disability is a full loss of three fingers on one hand, or at least a tarsal metatarsal amputation of the foot, or the loss of ten points on one limb or fifteen points across two limbs when assessed using the Functional Classification Test as set out in the Classification Application Form for Physical Disabilities and the ICF

Classifiers Instructors Manual.



TA (IVF 4 Point Paddler)

The TA class is for paddlers who have functional use of the trunk and arms. They are unable to apply continuous and controlled force to the footboard or seat to propel the boat due to significantly weakened function of the lower limbs.

Eligible TA paddlers may typically have a minimum disability equivalent to at least one of the following:

• Bilateral around knee amputation, or significantly impaired quadriceps, or

• Neurological impairment equivalent to a complete lesion at L3 level, or an incomplete lesion at L1, or

• Combination of the above such as one leg with around knee amputation and one leg with significant quadriceps impairment; or

• Classification by the international sports federation for paddlers with cerebral palsy

(CPISRA) as eligible to be in CP Class 5.




 If you want to know more about the classifications for the Paralympics CLICK HERE



The International Va’a Federation (IVF) recognizes six (6) sport classes. The following classifications blend the two classification systems.

NOTE: Minor refinements are being worked upon with a need to better align the IVF and the ICF Systems, to ensure alignment with IPC standards and to ensure appropriate specific canoeing standards