Coloured Shirt Programme for new Officials

A Fair go for our Referees and Officials

Coloured Shirt Program – Assisting New Officials


You want a fair go when you play or compete in a sport. Referees also need to be given a fair go.

A referees often has the best and impartial view of play so they can make the right call. Where a refs view may be blocked they may not be able to see some infringements. Give referees a fair go, they are doing their best to make the competition fair for everyone



Coloured Shirt Programme 

The aim of the Coloured Shirt Program is to make all beginner or inexperienced officials easily recognisable therefore educating all participants (including players and spectators) to understand the demands, pressures and support needs of beginner officials.  The program aims to increase retention, value and appreciation of all officials.

The Office for Recreation and Sport developed the Coloured Shirt Program based on the successful SANFL “red shirt” program that was introduced to address the issue of umpire retention at the grass roots level. 

Further information can be found on the Office for Recreation & Sport website –

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Our new officials wear green shirts.  Please support and respect them through your positive behaviour as players or supporters

Canoe SA supports the Coloured Shirt Programme 

If you see officials and umpires/referees wearing a green shirt, then it’s important for you to know they are learning. As with any learner, they may make mistakes.

Without officials, sport would not survive, so it is up to our players, clubs and associations to build a positive culture of support for officials. New officials have the demands of learning new tasks as well as the pressure of being impartial and fair to all paddlers to contend with. Show your appreciation for the job they are doing  and this will assist in retaining new officials and letting them know their effort is valued.