‘Winter Weekend Workshops’ being offered for additional skills and confidence.


Winter Weekend Workshops

As a recent newcomer to canoeing and kayaking you’ve been wondering how you can have training beyond Basic Skills: developing fluency, learning a wider repertoire of paddle strokes, handling moving and open waters, various forms of rescue, and so on. Or perhaps you’re a would-be Flatwater Lifeguard or Instructor seeking to practise instruction under supervision to log the hours to prepare for assessment. 

The Winter Weekend Workshops are designed for you. 

Angas Inlet, launching from the Garden Island ramp. The water is warmed by the Torrens Island power station and the area is fairly sheltered, offering reasonable conditions in winter. There’s open space for training and creeks to explore (and perhaps dolphins to meet). 
Dates and time
Dates are chosen to give minimum tidal movement for the weekend. Sessions begin at 09:00 and end at about 11:00. People needing hire equipment need to be at Canoe SA by 08:15 to organise and load boats and gear.

June: Saturday 16; July: Saturday 14, August: Saturday 11, September: Sunday 9.


You must have current Canoe SA/Aus Canoeing membership and hold Aus Canoeing Basic Skills or its equivalent. (Beginners may be accomodated by arrangement.) Bring the children too: we have equipment to suit young paddlers from 10 years of age.


Bookings are essential. We need to know:   
• whether you are using your own equipment or hire
• your current level of qualification and experience
• what you aim to achieve at a session.
Either complete the Workshop booking form and email it to the Workshop coordinator — Peter Carter <pcarter@acslink.net.au> — or call 8443 4298 or 0419 823 738 with the details by the Thursday before the session.
Bring a current emergency contact form with you.
Click HERE for Booking form.
Click HERE for the Emergency Contacts form (also needed).


Costs are for hire of equipment: $10 per session.

Hire equipment

There is a range of equipment available to suit your aims. For learning skills we recommend whitewater playboats such as the Perception Dancer or Corsica:
From Canoe SA: Dancer, Corsica, Spectrum (touring), Coast Spirit (sea)
Private: Platypus 5 and 6 (training, suited to smaller paddlers), P&H Junior (ages 10 – 12),
Catch 390 SOT, Point 65N Nemo (day touring), open canoe: 5.5 m double and 4.5 m single.