Code of Conduct & Discipline Policy

Canoe SA – Code of Conduct and Discipline Policy

As an member organisation and affiliated to Australian Canoeing Inc. Canoe SA adopts the AC Code of Conduct and the AC Disciplinary Policy and applies the contents to its members as if Canoe SA was Australian Canoeing.

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In the application of any disciplinary action to a member of the association, Canoe SA will act to provide the member with natural justice.

The provision or application of natural justice is to be taken to be:

A member has the right to know all of the allegations for which disciplinary action is taken

The member will be provided with sufficient time and a reasonable opportunity to answer the allegations

The Disciplinary Committee is to be free of any conflict of interest, is to act impartially and is to consider only factual evidence provided to it.

Where a sanction is handed down to a member, the principles against which any sanction is measured are equity and good conscience.