Jan/Feb 2013 Photo Competition

January – February 2013 Photo Competition

Congratulations to Gabriella Szondy, photographer of the winning photo in the Canoe SA January-February photo competition sponsored by Roofrack City.

The photo captured the drama of the moment. Oki in the front of the Canadian Canoe contrasting with the skeleton of dead trees standing silently in the water (framing the photo) and the clouds floating in the sky as an echo of the long departed leaves.

When Gabriella submitted the photo she also sent in this information about the area where the photo was taken.

Above the weirs, raised river levels filled the lower lying wetlands and killed the river red gums – their skeletons remain.

In 1912 the South Australian Government engaged the United States Corps of Engineers to prepare a plan for improving navigation of the Murray River by a series of weirs and locks. The paddle steam era ended in 1914, eight years before the first weir and lock were completed, but the course was set. The death of the red gums above Lock 3 can be dated accurately back to 1927, approximately two years after the completion of Weir and Lock 3 which raised the river level by 3.1 metres. Many of these low lying trees were drowned as the river rose to its new level.

– From A guide to Banrock Station, 4th Edition

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Thank you to Roofrack City for the sponsorship of the January – February 2013 Photo Competition. We would encourage all our members and subscribers to support the businesses that support us.

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