Ian Hume – Life Member

Ian Hume – Marathon Paddler, Volunteer and Supporter

Confirred as a life member at the Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 20 March 2013


As a 14 year old Ian commenced paddling in the Red Cross Murray Ultra-marathons, competing in 13 both in kayak and canoe.
From 1995 to 2001 Ian was a Board member of Canoe SA
During the period from 2001 to 2004 Ian was Development Officer and Executive Officer of Canoe SA.
Since leaving the Development Officer position Ian has willingly given up his time to:
Mentor young people in paddling technique – he has assisted Jim Murphy with the TID group with technique coaching on the water and on the ergos
Assisted with the financial management of Canoe SA, since he left the position of Executive Officer, Ian has spent 100’s of hours (usually after he has finished his day job) assisting with keeping the finances of the organisation in order
Encouraged and assisted young people enter the sport
As an official at both Sprint and Marathon state level events
Paid for a variety of ITC tools for the association
Used his considerable knowledge and experience to ensure the Canoe SA ITC operates efficiently
Usually in the background and not seeking acknowledgement assisted the organisation both financially and materially and been unstinting in being available with his time to ensure deadlines could be met and the organisation presented a professional image.
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