Updated Access restrictions to Chowilla Area

Update of Restrictions to Chowilla area for paddlers – Oct 2013

The bottom end of Chowilla Creek is still closed to all traffic – on water and off due to work on the Chowilla Regulator – no portage around as the whole area is still a construction site and will be probably be like this until early next year (2014). Click here for more info

In addition work has now commenced on Pipeclay Weir and Slaneys Weir with this work to continue for approximately 6 months (Dec 2013). Please note: There is no passage around the work site at both Pipeclay and Slaneys.

A downloadable map (as a pdf) with approx location of work on weirs and regulators is available, please  Click here. Please note: It is recommended that paddlers do not go near the works in progress. Do not plan to portage these areas under construction. Please plan your route carefully to avoid being told to retrace your path.

Work on Slaneys Weir has commenced in May 2013 with ongoing work until December 2013. There is a substantial area zoned off  so paddlers must avoid these areas.

Paddlers intending to come to the Chowilla area this year (2013) who want to launch from Boarder Cliffs Customs House will have to enter and leave the area

  • via the portage (approx 2 kms upstream of Customs House) or 
  • the fast flowing creek just downstream of Customs House (Swifties) or
  • via Boat Creek.
  • Salt Creek

Restrictive but still plenty of route choices. Please stay well clear of works as there are heavy equipment and machinery at the contruction sites.

For further information or updates call:

Simon Frankel at DEH (Berri) on (08) 8595 2111 or, 

Bob West on the numbers below.
Bob and Hazel West
Riverland Leisure Canoe Tours
PO Box 333  Paringa  SA 5340
Ph: (08) 85 955 399
M: 0427 300 953
FB: riverlandcanoes

Thank you 


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