ACAS Update May 2014

Australian Canoeing Award Scheme Updates –  May 2014

Past updates can be found on the Australian Canoeing Education website

Sea Skills and Sea Leader wind limits

Please take note that the wind limits for Sea skills and Sea Leader have been reviewed and have had a increase in the limits. Sea skills increased from 17kn to 21kn. Sea leader increased from 17 to 21kn
Operations may also be conducted in conditions that exceed the above where a documented hazard identification and risk management process has been undertaken to ensure the participants skills and equipment are appropriate to the environment.

ACAS Resources

– You will find some teaching resources in PowerPoint for Risk management, Weather and Tides on the Education website under the title of Teaching Resources
– Assessment projects have been updated and loaded onto the education website
– The ACAS resources have been put in folders under the award name, not by topic. Please see education website for more details

Re-registration points table

The re-registration points table has had a few changes, this is to give people more options to gain points for re registration. Points over the previous 3 years can now be counted for re registration – not just the past 12 months, Please see points table attached.

Any questions please contact Ian Haerd at Canoe SA, details below.

Contact Canoe SA

Canoe South Australia
T – 08 8240 3294
M – 0417 081 426
F – 08 8240 3295
Location – Aquatic Reserve, Bower Road, WEST LAKES, SA.
Postal – PO Box 281, PORT ADELAIDE, SA. 5015