Introducing Paddle Oz, the National Participation Program

Paddle Oz Junior Participation Program – Overview

The Paddle Oz program, an Australian canoeing initiative, is designed to provide young people with an enjoyable introduction to paddling that encourages lifelong participation. Experiential learning through participation in games and activities is the focus of the first two levels in the program. These games allow the participants to develop the essential skills and safety knowledge that underpin all future paddling pathways. Gaining knowledge of the different forms of paddling, making links to local clubs and understanding further development pathways is an important feature of the program.

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Paddle Oz Aims

  • Enable more young people to try paddling and stay paddling
  • Provide an enjoyable, sociable and safe introduction to paddling
  • Use games and activities to support experiential learning
  • Establish basic paddling skills and knowledge that support future paddling pathways
  • Provide a progression through to specialised areas of paddling
  • Develop an awareness of all aspects of paddling
  • Provide links to clubs, Paddle Education and other paddling opportunities
  • Assist clubs in developing young paddlers
  • Allow flexibility in delivery according to venues and situations
  • Increase the level of safe paddling practices in the community through educating young people.

Paddle Oz Levels


The Discovery program is all about fun on the water while learning some of the basics of canoeing or kayaking. The program is focused on learning the skills through a variety of fun, interactive games. So come alone or register with a friend or group to enter into the exciting world of paddling.


The Action level is an extension and refinement of the skills learnt in Discovery. Participants continue of their paddling journey with further develop of skills through a wider range of games and activities in a variety of paddling environments.


The Adventure level provides an introduction to specialised craft and the specific skills required to paddle them. There is a separate program for each competitive and recreational discipline. Participants could do multiple programs, for example canoe polo in winter and sprint in summer. This level is designed to provide a link into clubs, Paddle Education and national development programs for competitive disciplines. The Adventure program includes:

  • Flatwater
  • Whitewater
  • Sea
  • Canoe Polo

Paddle Oz Programs in SA



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Paddle Oz Discovery 2

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