State Regatta 2 Results

State Regatta 2 was held with a challenging hot northerly headwind.

The regatta started with the “Nathan Relay” comprising 4 x K4 teams racing over a 2km return course, then transitioning to 8 x K2 teams over 2km and 16 x K1 over 2km, which meant that each competitor raced a total of 6km.

It was an interesting race with a close finish and may be extended at future regattas to include more K4 teams and some C4 teams as well.

 This was followed by the second round of 2km time trials, 200m K1, 1000m Men’s K1 and K2 and 500m Women’s K1 and K2 races.

Despite the conditions, there was some good racing with an increase in competitors from Regatta 1.

The next regatta will be held on Sunday the 27th of November.  The upcoming National Grand Prix 1 is to be held at West Lakes from the 9th to the 11th of December.