Officials: GP1 Adelaide 9th-11th December


Hi All,

This document hopefully contains the information for officials and a work schedule for setting up for this event will follow.

Firstly we need a number of officials for the 3 days. The schedule of officials allows people to nominate the time they have available and the type of job they are interested in. Please do not  think you have to have special training for many of the jobs as we will supply on the job training  and match you with experienced people. There are only 3 Officials coming from interstate so WE NEED YOU. Please fill out and return to Jim Murphy by email and if you have any questions please feel free to ring.

I hope to organize boat holders from new TID members etc.

Name:                                                   Contact email:                              Phone nu;

Australian Canoeing Grand Prix # 1             Westlakes South Australia             9th – 11th December 2016
Officials Function/s  Radio Notes Roster Period Friday 9th December to Sunday 11th December
Event Organiser / Coordinator            
AC High Performance Manager              
AC High Performance Coordinator            
Regatta Chief Official                
Deputy / Acting Chief Official              
Competition Manager                
Starter 1000                
Starter 500                
Starter 200                
Starter LD’s                
Aligner 1000                
Aligner 500                
Aligner 200                
Event Announcer                
Chief Judge                
Line Judge 1                
Line Judge 2                
Line Judge 3                
Boat Driver 1                
Boar Driver 2                
Course Umpire 1                
Course Umpire 2                
Numbers 1                
Numbers 2                
Pre-boat Control (Embarkation)              
Pre-boat control (Course Entry)              
Boat Control Supervisor              
Boat Control – Announcer              
Boat Control – Numbers              
Post Boat Control (Finish Line)              
Post Boat Control (Disembarkation)            
Video Capture                
Video Analysis                
Results Management                
Tech Ops Supervisor (Field of Play)            
Tech Ops 2                
Tech Ops 3                
Tech Ops 4                
Tech Ops (IT)                
Venue Management                
Officials & VIP Hospitality Coord              
Boat Holder 1                
Boat Holder 2                
Boat Holder 3                
Boat Holder 4                
Boat Holder 5                
Boat Holder 6                
Boat Holder 7                
Boat Holder 8                
Event Support 1                
Event Support 2                
Event Support 3                
Event Support 4                
ASDA Liaison