WORK PLAN GP1 9th- 11th December.


Hi Willing Workers,

That time of the year is here again and I hope you are all keen to help make this a good regatta. This is the proposed plan but could be brought forward if things change .

  1. Tuesday 6h December the  Container will be delivered to the car park at rowing
  2. Tuesday 6th December  from 4.00pm till about 8pm we will unload the system and start the set up.
  3. Wednesday 7th December from 6am we will continue with the assembly. Hopefully this will allow some to come before work and then a few will be available throughout the day.
  4. By 11am we will start to push out into the water and by 3.00pm start moving it to the 500m mark. This will require 3 boat drivers 2 rope people on shore and 9 swimmers. Swimmers will be in the water for about an hour so need wet suits etc
  5. Hopefully we can have it lined up Wednesday evening.



  1. Saturday afternoon at the end of racing we need to shift it to the 200m mark. WE will need 3 boat drivers,2 shore rope people, 9 swimmers.
  2. Hopefully lined up by early evening.



  1. Sunday afternoon at the end of racing we need to remove the system and break it down ready for washing and packing away.
  2. This will be finished from 6am Monday am hopefully completed by lunch time.

If you can help please contact me with some idea of the time you can commit.

Jim Murphy 0410603503.