Sea Leader (Sea Skills) Training

Canoe SA:  Sea Leader Training Programme

The course is designed for paddlers to:


  • Develop practical skills to undertake coastal journeys including open-water crossings or multi-day expeditions
  • Understand and know your abilities, prepare for the adventures of paddling in coastal environments
  • Develop new skills and improve enjoyment of paddling in coastal and sea environments

The course includes day and overnight expeditions in coastal environments

At the end of the course you will be eligible to be assessed for the Australian Canoeing Award Scheme Sea Skills Award (this award is recognised in all states and overseas)

All participants in a Canoe SA Sea Skills Course are required to be a member of Canoe SA. Introductory membership is offered to new paddlers and provides membership for 3 months.

Introductory membership can be converted to full membership of an affiliated canoe club by payment of the balance of the membership fee. Membership has its benefits including insurance cover for all your paddling activities.

Please note: Whilst every attempt is made by Canoe SA to provide the course or sessions that meet the description provided, weather or other environmental conditions may influence the decision of the leadership team or instructors about the safety of participants or the conduct of the course/session either before or during the event.

Registration for a course or a session does not ensure that the course or session will occur in the manner described or entitle attendance.

Sea Skills conditions

Wind speed below fresh (17 knots) with a minimum of 11 knots (moderate conditions)

Areas of exposed coastline that is simple (open crossings may be included) not involving overfalls, tidal race or difficult landings

Distances of up to 4 nautical miles from the nearest shore

Breaking (overtopping) waves (sea) up to 1 metre

Surf up to 1 metre

Session 1 – Introduction. Sunday 19th February

Conducted at Canoe SA, Aquatic Reserve, Bower Road, West Lakes

Topics covered:

Introduction to the Sea Skills Program – overview and discussion

The AC Award Scheme; assessment protocols/proof of competence, resources.


Interpreting Weather Forecasts

Basic Navigation – you will prepare navigation log for a day excursion

On water skills tune up….forward paddling, turning, support strokes, other paddle strokes as time permits

Session 2: Skills Development – Sunday, 5th March

 Location: TBA

Towing, group management during a journey, deep-water rescues, managing multiple rescues or emergencies, landings and surf skills

Session 3:  One day Coastal Expedition – Sunday 19th March

Location to be advised (depending on weather conditions possibly a location on Fleurieu Peninsula)

Commencing at 8.00am Pack a sea kayak for a day expedition, safety briefing, skills development on-water training, scenarios

Evening Seminar: Navigation (TBA)

 Location: Canoe SA, Time 7.00 to 9.00pm

Prepare to navigate a course, Prepare for an overnight expedition, communication.


Location: Port Victoria to Wardang Island (depending on weather conditions)

Topic: Plan and conduct an overnight journey

Register on the Canoe SA website under the ‘Calendar’ link

For further enquiries please contact Canoe SA ph 08 8240 3294 Email