2017 Floatfest

The 2017 River Murray Floatfest will be held at Murray Bridge on April 8-9.

How is Canoe SA &/or affiliates involved? Since the first event in 2014 Canoe SA has run Come & Try Workshops at the event, helped spread the word amongst the canoeing community in South Australia, and supported the overall goal of Floatfest – to get people out on the water in a safe environment and promote healthy lifestyle.

In 2015 the event was first recognised by Canoeing Australia/Paddling Australia and sanctioned the event, this was continued in 2016. In 2016 the Marathon Canoe Club of SA joined the Floatfest programme by bringing their back-to back warm up marathon to Mannum and a small group of Canoe Polo SA players demonstrated how canoe polo is played.

For 2017 it was hoped the support of Paddling Australia, Canoe SA, the Marathon Canoe Club of SA and Canoe Polo SA would continue whilst also assisting with providing some on water activities to encourage more participation and interesting spectacles from the bank. This would also allow for the various clubs to spread the word about their clubs and possibly seek the interest of new members.

Further information, including a special offer to Canoe SA members, details of the SA v WA Challenge,  and the full event program, are attached

For registrations please refer to the Floatfest website or Facebook page as below

Web: www.floatfest.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com.au/FloatfestAus

Program draft Floatfest 2017 – for WebInformation for Canoe SA

Information for Canoe SA