Child Safe Environments for Paddle South Australia

Paddle South Australia has a legal obligation towards its members to provide an environment that is free from abuse, discrimination and harassment and to protect children and young people from people who are unsuitable to work with them in a sporting context. It also has a moral/ethical obligation and Paddle SA takes its these responsibilities to provide a safe environment for all members seriously.
Paddle SA Child Safe Environments Policy (approved by the Board, Dec 2013)

All positions within Paddle SA that have unsupervised contact with young people and children under 18 are identified and persons in those positions are required to be screened and assessed for their suitability for the position.

Positions include:

All paid staff including Executive, Development and Administrative Staff
All officials including coaches (whether voluntary or paid)
Managers or Assistant Managers of Teams (whether voluntary or paid)
Co-ordinators of Programmes or Teams (whether voluntary or paid)

The screening process includes the following:
A requirement to obtain a National Police Certificate and provide it to Paddle SA for assessment (The NPC will be returned to you after recording of the data on it and will not be kept by Paddle SA. The recorded information will be kept in a secure location and only accessed by authorised personnel)
Where necessary an interview
Obtaining references in appropriate cases
Paddle SA works with affiliated Paddle clubs to provide child safe environments for young people to enjoy their paddling while feeling safe.

All clubs and members of Paddle SA are required to abide by the Australian Canoeing Member Protection policy.
bl-04 Member Protection By-Law Ver.6 effective 13.06.2012

Paddle SA Board has a Child Safe Environments Policy
Child safe environment

The safety of our young people is everybody’s business

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