Australian Canoe Marathon Racing Developmental Camps

The Australian Canoe Marathon Racing Technical Committee (ACMRTC) is sponsoring a series of development camps for marathon athletes who wish to be competitive at a national and international level. The first camp will focus on sports testing to provide:
(a) baseline information for paddlers and their coaches;
(b) integrated analysis of this data within the kayak-paddle-athlete framework to guide paddlers towards efficient improvement leading into the Australian Canoe Marathon Championships in May, 2018.

Participants will also learn about maximising their paddle physics and utilising scientific data in their training programs. Coaches are encouraged to attend with their athletes (no cost if not undergoing testing) and will earn points towards re-registration.

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The camp will run in Canberra on 31 March and 1 April 2018.  Canberra is an ideal location because of easy access to good sports professionals and a free-access buoyed rowing course for time-trialling.  The camp will be co-ordinated by Margi Bohm – contact via email
Testing includes on-water assessment of blood lactate concentrations, flexibility and muscular strength, portage video and time-trialling, time-trialling over 1000m, 500m, 200m and 5km with high resolution GPS boat speed data, on-water video and technique assessment, a running clinic to help paddlers perform better on portages, muscle assessment by a physio and theoretical discussions on how to maximise efficiencies towards increased boat speed. Participants will receive all raw data as well as an integrated analysis designed to provide guidance to the paddler and his/her coach. This analysis will include comparisons with data from international level paddlers to help target strengths and weaknesses towards Training Smart.

The cost of the camp is $650 of which ACMRTC will pay $250/athlete. This means that athletes only pay $400 (perhaps respective State organisations could assist with identifying athletes and provide some assistance) for an experience that is usually only available to high performance and/or sporting excellence program athletes. Cost includes lunch on both days but does not include transport or accommodation. Early bird participants may be able to score home stay options. Contact Margi for further details.

Participants will need to bring a watch with a minute hand or chronometer and a GPS that can output *.gpx files.  ACT life jacket laws provide us with an exemption, so life jackets will not need to be worn unless the weather is bad.