ICF Canoe Polo World Championship July 28 – 5 Aug

ICF Canoe Polo World Championship have completed. They were help at the Welland international Flatwater Center Canada, July 28th through August 5th, 2018.

Congratulations to all our South Australian team members who competed at the 2018 World Canoe Polo Championships in Welland, Canada

Carley Goodwin (C) – Adelaide ACC
Stacey Goodwin – Adelaide ACC

Stephen Hubbard (C) – Adelaide ACC
Adam Hofmeyer – Adelaide ACC
Luke Holmes – Adelaide ACC
Ben Stark – Adelaide NDCC

2018 World Canoe Polo Championships Results

Overall Rankings – 2018 ICF Canoe Polo World Championships

Paddle Australia Men’s Canoe Polo Team 12th
Paddle Australia Women’s Canoe Polo Team 16th

Paddle Australia website article : Australia Looks to Future After 2018 Canoe Polo World Titles

2018 Women’s Canoe Polo Team report

The 2018 World Championships have come to a close, and despite a rollercoaster of games, we have gained invaluable experience that we can’t wait to come back and share with players back home.

After three wins, we were hoping for a fourfecta against Japan, but unfortunately the stars didn’t align, with a one goal loss taking us out of 13th/14th contention. Next up were Canada, a team we had come out on top of earlier in the pools. Again, it was not to be, with the effects of three weeks away catching up on us, and Canada being the better team with a 5-1 win. 

Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us. From the first meeting back in Canberra in October, it has been a long process to get here, and we are so grateful for everyone who has supported us from the practical to the emotional, and your messages of love during the Championships have meant so much.
Special shout out to our amazing coach Bec, who has improved the Australian Women’s polo scene indescribably through her commitment to introducing us to a higher level of polo. From chasing up our fitness test results to negotiating our way onto shuttle buses, you have been the ultimate Wonder Woman, and we hope you stick around to coach us in tours to come.
Muchos gracias to Assistant Coach Siobhan Goble, who made coaching with a baby look effortless, and provided awesome insight and guidance into higher level play.
Also thanks to John Moore, who managed to organise two teams without losing the plot, and always ensured we had everything we needed. Managing the flights, accommodation, food etc of a whole squad is an admirable feat, and we thank you greatly.

It’s adios for now homieGs, but not forever. For any lovely ladies wanting to get involved in the next level of polo, don’t be afraid to nominate for Oceanias next year, the more the merrier, and we want to share the fun with you all.

The Aussie Chicks 2018