The 2018 Paddle SA Team Paddle Challenge is a fun paddle sports event and presents participants with challenges and opportunities. This is the 15th year that Paddle SA has run this event in its current format and it promises to be one of the best. Young South Australians who enjoy having fun, making new friends, adventure and learning about the environment will find that the Team Paddle Challenge caters to their interests. Teams are made up of groups from public and private schools, community groups and scouts.

The event starts at the venue (approx. 7km north of Blanchetown on Saturday morning). You will find directions on the web. Teams are made up of between 3 – 8 participants and a supervising adult. As a Team, you will need to work together and find as many checkpoints as possible in an attempt to gain the most points and win. Checkpoints are on the river’s edge and surrounding bushland. They are not hidden but you will need to read your map and look carefully to find them. Competitors have six hours on the Saturday to make their way around the course and back to the campsite and 5 and a ½  hours on the Sunday.

Find the information manual and entry form pack below:
Paddle Challenge Information Manual
Paddle Challenge Entry Form Pack